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Angels' Haven does not have any direct hosting or country programs


Help us offer grants to families:

Sponsor a Hosted Child or Donate Your UnusedAirline Miles (scroll all the way down to read the details!)



How to Sponsor a Hosted Child


What is a hosting program?

Hosting programs are a wonderful opportunity to welcome a child into your home.  Angels' Haven works as an advocate  for several non-profit hosting organizations to help in work in finding host families for older children.  The purpose of this hosting program is for both the host family and the child being hosted to learn more about one another and learn more about one another's culture.


What Happens During the Child’s Visit?

During the child’s visit your family is expected to do whatever it is you would do normally with a young house guest.  Outdoor activities, visiting with friends, movies, family dinners…all will allow both you and your hosted child to get to know one another better.


This Sounds Wonderful!  I’m not ready to host a child, but I’d love to help a family who is.  What can I do?

The cost of hosting a child can be prohibitively expensive, usually between $2,500 and $3,500 per child.  This money is used to pay for plane tickets, visas, passports, travel insurance, and health insurance for the hosted child.  Additionally, it is used to cover the cost of bringing an adult escort for every five children hosted.

Many families who have the love, time, and local resources to host a child simply do not have the financial resources to pay the hosting fee.  You can help by donating money to defray this cost.  Your donation can be earmarked for a specific hosting program if you wish (we do several every year) or it can be considered part of our general hosting program grant monies. 


How to Donate Your Unused Airline Miles


Donating your frequent flyer miles is easy and can make an enormous difference in the life on an orphaned child!

The cost of hosting a single child is between $2,500 and $3,500 per visit.  Often families who would like to host a child are unable to do so due to financial constraints.  Donated miles enable us to offset the hosting cost of any given child, on average, by $1800.00.

We accept and appreciate donations on any airline, for any amount that is equal to the points required for a mileage award ticket.


Here’s how it works, step by step….

1.      Check your frequent flyer mileage accounts to make sure you have at least 40k miles available for donation (this is the minimum mileage for one overseas flight on many airlines)

2.      Call us!  Tell one of our staff members how many miles you wish to donate, and on what airline(s).

3.      We will determine if we can use your miles for our program.  If so, we will supply you with the donation recipient’s full name and travel details.

4.      You call the airline and exchange your miles for a ticket.

5.      Have the electronic receipt sent to us.  That’s it!  We will make sure the ticket gets to the recipient.


Why do you do it this way?

Having you book the ticket directly allows us greater flexibility in accepting donations.  We are currently in the process of becoming direct donors from several airlines.  Once those programs are in place the process will be further simplified as you will be able to log on to your own frequent flyer account and simply transfer your donated miles to us.


I do not have enough miles for an award ticket. Can I still donate them?
Yes. Continental Airlines allows mileage earned through their program to be donated in any amount. American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Midwest Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways allow donations of a minimum 1,000 miles.


Are my donated miles tax-deductible?
Unfortunately, probably not. If you didn't pay for them, they have no monetary value, at least to the IRS. If you did pay for them, have sufficient documentation, and are willing to risk an audit with such an unusual deduction, you may. For more information, see the Income Tax Deduction on Awards.


If I pledge or give an award ticket to a charity for their own use won't I be violating the rules of my frequent flyer agreement?
Probably not. Most programs allow you to give an award to anyone you designate by name. Once a recipient has been named (for example, the orphan for whom we will be using the ticket), you can book the award for them and remain fully within your frequent flyer programs rules.


Are there any fees involved in donating miles?