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We have compiled this list of adoption related resources that we hope will be helpful to you.  It is our desire that you be as prepared as possible for the arrival of your adopted child.  If you have information that you feel others would benefit from, please feel free to share it with us, and if possible, we will add it to the site.

Disclaimer ~ Angels' Haven Outreach is not responsible for the information provided by these resources, nor does inclusion in this listing imply an endorsement of any organization or individual by Angels' Haven Outreach.

  • A Child Waits Foundation is a non-profit Charitable foundation which offers help with the costs of adoption by making low interest loans to prospective parents to help them with the upfront costs.
  • childshope.gif (1322 bytes)
    Is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing orphanages in Eastern Europe with humanitarian supplies.  Their site also has many other wonderful resources available.
    This is an adoption information and resource site providing over 1200 links of adoption related matters and have developed the site to be useful for adoption professionals as well.
    An adoption resource site. "Everything you need to know to help you choose the path to adopting that's right for you can be found on the internet, and if it's out there, it can be accessed from".
    This site offers some invaluable medical information, that is useful, even for families adopting in countries other than Russia.
  • adoptionru.gif (661 bytes)
    Service grants a unique possibility to receive advisory of the experienced lawyer from Russia in English or to order the text of the Russian law in English.
    African Cradle is a non-profit organization that provides adoption placements for children from Ethiopia.  The Director is an adult adoptee from Ethiopia herself, as well as an adoptive mother.  Her love, commitment and compassion are some of the reasons the agency enjoys a wonderful reputation!
  • celebratechild.gif (1674 bytes)
    The largest on-line resource for cultural items, books, videos and music for the adoptive family.  Owned and operated by an adoptive mom.
  • recorder.gif (843 bytes)
    To obtain certified copies of their marriage and/or birth certificates in in State of California quickly over the internet
    UPDATE:  Public Law No. 106-395 (the Child Citizenship Act of 2000), which went into
    effect on February 27, 2001, amended INA 320 to confer automatic U.S. citizenship upon certain categories of children born abroad upon their admission to the U.S. as lawful permanent residents. Since the obligations of a sponsor under a Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support) terminate when the sponsored alien acquires citizenship, the Department of State and INS have agreed that an I-864 shall not be required to those categories of immigrants who will acquire citizenship upon admission to the U.S. Effective immediately, an I-864 will not be required for an orphan classified IR-3, provided the child will be admitted to the U.S. while still under age 18 and will reside in the United States with, and in the custody of, the adoptive U.S. Citizen parent. An I-864 will continue to be required for all other adopted children of U.S.  Citizens who are not eligible for automatic naturalization upon admission as a legal permanent resident. Specifically, an I-864 will continue to be required for any alien classified IR-4. An alien exempt from the I-864 requirement must still show that he/she is not likely to become a public charge.

    This is the branch of our federal government responsible for issuing the visa for your adopted child to enter the United States. There are forms you will need to order to complete this process. The forms are: I-600A, I-600 and I-864. You may order the forms from this site. However, it is our understanding that they will not accept them if they are downloaded (as they need to be on INS paper).
    Dr. Miller is the Director of the International Adoption Clinic at the New England Medical Center, Floating hospital for Children.   She is a leading expert in diagnosing and understanding the special issues related to institutionalized children, and is familiar with the terms often used in foreign medical. Her office will provide a medical evaluation of the written information and/or video tape (for a tax deductible donation) (617) 636-8121
  • lifetimeadoption.gif (1583 bytes)
    We offer Nationwide Christian adoption services 7 days per week to both birth parents and adoptive parents since 1986.  We have a unique Non-Profit educational scholarship program to help birth mothers go to college.  We have listing of children and babies, counseling, housing referrals and more.
  • multicultural.gif (1543 bytes)
    Provides multicultural resources for kids in preschool through elementary grades.  Books, videos, puzzles, crafts, and lots of dolls!

  • Families who are considering adopting an older child, or who have already adopted an older child will find this website very helpful.
  • rainbowkids.gif (1611 bytes)
    An International Adoption e-zine featuring articles and news about the international adoption process.  Also features over 250 waiting children and information on getting started in the adoption process.  
  • the_welcome_garden.gif (1038 bytes)
    This is a beautiful new and informative adoption related information site.

    We have added a section on "financial adoption".  Feel free to view and refer potential clients with financial concerns to this info on our Resource page.

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