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Eastern Europe

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Adoptive families and staff in Romania

AngelsÂ’ Haven is now placing children from Kazakhstan! We have had our first three children come home and two more families almost ready to travel.

Children 0 to 3 are available for adoption. Families wanting to adopt infants should understand that the youngest a baby is likely to be, by the time they come home, is approximately 7 months. Healthy children and children with minor medical issues are in need of families and the expected stay in Kazakhstan to complete the adoption is about 2 to 3 weeks.

The adoption process in Russia is fairly straightforward.  Children from 8 months to 14 years are in need of adoptive families.  Married couples and single women may adopt from Russia.  Applicants over 45 will be considered for pre-school and school age children.  Exceptions are possible on a case by case basis.  Both parents will need to be present in Russia to finalize the adoption.

To help insure the sound placement of Bulgarian children into American homes, the Bulgarian regulations require at least one parent to travel to Bulgaria to see the child prior to the adoption process beginning. A second trip will be necessary 6 to 9 months later, once the adoption is complete to bring the child home. Bulgarian law will allow the child to be escorted once the adoption is finalized, should the adoptive family so desires.

Children 18 months and older are in need of adoption. Childless couples are preferred but exceptions are possible for families open to older children (over the age of 3) or children with special needs. Bulgaria no longer allows their children to be photolisted, but if you call the office we can share a list of "waiting children" with you privately. For more information about Bulgaria's children Click Here

Angels' Haven has yet another new pilot program in the Ukraine. We are again, looking for families willing to take the challenge of being the first to experience the adoption process with us! Children 12 months of age and older are waiting for families. We are being told that once the adoption dossier is submitted perspective adoptive parents should expect to travel within just a couple of weeks to locate and adopt their child. We will reduce the fee for the first couple families desiring to pioneer this program. Click Here to learn more about the adoption process in the Ukraine.

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Moldova will consider married couples, as well as, single men and women. Perspective adoptive parents must be at least 25 years old, with no set maximum age restrictions. Healthy young infant's 6 months of age are available for adoption, as well as children of all ages (up to 16 years). Babies with minor correctable (and more major) medical issues may be referred as young as 2 months of age.

There is currently a moratorium in Moldavia and we have not yet heard an official word as to when it may reopen to foreign adoptions.


Urgent Update (Adobe Acrobat .pdf)

Babies, toddlers and older children are available for adoption.  Married couples, families with children and single women may apply for adoption from Romania.  There is some flexibility in the age of the perspective parents and travel is generally not required.  Happily, most of the infants and toddlers are in a private center or in foster families.  Clients will submit a dossier and a child will be matched.   Currently, the time frame from the time a family submits the dossier until the child comes home is taking about 6 to 9 months (less for older children). Click Here for summary of the adoption process in Romania

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Angels' Haven has new staff now living and working in Vietnam. We are so blessed to report that we have gained favor with the orphanages, foreign and U.S. officials and are ready to roll with a new system in place! Out of respect for the Vietnamese policies, we can no longer photo list children, but are in need of families for many beautiful, deserving children from infants to 15 years of age.

Vietnam places healthy and special needs children with single women and / or married couples, with fairly relaxed criteria. There must be at least a 20 year age difference between the adopting parent and the child and everything else is fairly flexible.

The adoption procedure begins once the dossier is submitted and the family accepts a child. It should take just a couple of months from that point. Two short trips are required, but only one parent needs to travel, and of course, our staff will take good care of you. Click Here for a Closer Look at Vietnam.

Angels' Haven Outreach is excited about the opportunity to now place children from Cambodia. Our first family is now home and singing the praises of all involved. We have our second family ready to travel any minute (so far...nothing but smooth sailing!)

Infants 6 months of age, to children 8 years of age are in need of adoption placement into loving homes. Adoptive married couples between the ages of 25-55 and single women between the ages of 40-50 will be considered. Additionally, families desiring to adopt from Cambodia may have no more than 2 children already living in the home.

Only one parent will need travel, for an approximate one-week trip to see the child and finalize the adoption abroad.
Click Here for a closer look at Cambodia

Married couples and single women must be at least 30 years of age, and preferably childless to adopt a healthy infant from China.  Perspective families who do not fit this exact family profile may also be accepted, however, they may wait a little longer for a referral or be offered a child with a mild special need.  Although you may expect to wait 8 or 9 months for a referral, once you have accepted the child, you will usually travel within a month to complete the adoption abroad.

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