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Homestudy and Post Adoption Services and Fees - California



Cost: $2,250 (Total Fee)

Angels’ Haven Outreach is able to complete your homestudy no matter where you live in California.  We are licensed throughout the state and have social workers prepared to serve you in any location.  We do not charge extra fees for social worker drive time or mileage.

Our fee includes everything you will need to complete your homestudy.  There are no additional application fees, mileage fees, notary fees, etc.


What, exactly, is a homestudy?  I’m not sure I understand how it pertains to my adoption… 

Once prospective adoptive parents apply to adopt a child they are required to participate in a "home study." The purpose of this process is twofold.  It serves to educate the prospective parents about the physical and psychological aspects of adoption, and it allows the social worker to learn about the family, their needs, and their readiness to adopt.  Ultimately, your homestudy becomes the primary source of information about your family that will be used by both USCIS and the government of the sending country from which you are adopting.

Entering the homestudy process is a daunting step for many adoptive parents.  However, we will make every effort to make you comfortable throughout the process. A Social Worker will visit you in person during the homestudy to meet you and your family and to work with you in order to prepare you for the adoption of your child.


What happens during the homestudy process?

Depending on the rules of the country from which you are adopting, a social worker will meet with you and your family from two to four times during the course of your homestudy process.  During these visits we will address your concerns, fears, questions, and work with you in order to be certain that adoption is the right path for you.  Additionally, your social worker may provide you with tips and ideas for safeguarding your home for the addition of your adopted child.  We are here to educate you, answer questions and to support you in every way possible.


What sort of documentation will I need? 

As part of your homestudy process you will be required to gather various documents.  The purpose of these documents is to help us, USCIS, and the sending country of your child to get to know you better.

These documents might include the following:  Employment verification, medical reports for each applicant and any children already in the home, letters of reference, criminal clearances, birth certificates for each applicant, marriage certificate (if applicable), divorce decree (if applicable), and financial information.

In order for Angels’ Haven Outreach to properly assess your home for the placement of an adopted child, the State requires that your documents be verified and retained in your case file.  Many of these same documents will be required by the Immigration and Naturalization Service for obtaining a visa for your child to enter the U.S. Additionally, the court system in your child’s birth country will also need a set of documents for completing the adoption overseas.

Although the list of documents required by each of the local, federal, and foreign authorities is separate, many of these documents may be the same. As stated above, Angels’ Haven must keep the documents in your file and cannot be returned.  The documents should also be current, not older than six months. We recommend obtaining additional copies of the certified documents for state, federal and foreign paperwork.


What are the education requirements for a homestudy?

You will also attend at least 10 hours of adoption education in order to learn more about the adoption process itself and the potential needs of your adoptive child.  If you choose, all of this education can be done on-line, in the comfort of your own home.


How do I get started?

Give us a call or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  tp request our homestudy application and fee agreement. Once we receive your application we will review it and send you a homestudy packet and document list.  Upon receipt of your homestudy documentation we will assign you a Social Worker, who will then contact you to schedule your interviews.

These interviews will take place over the course of several weeks, and will include a time for the social worker to speak with each perspective adoptive parent individually, as well as together.  The social worker will also need to see your home and interview any children, and/or other adults that may live in your home with you.  The social workers job is not only to assess your readiness to adopt a child but to educate and assist you and your family in preparing emotionally and physically for this process.  Once he or she has verified your documents, met with your family, and spent time with you in your home all of this information is codified in your written homestudy report.


How long will this take, start to finish?

The timing of your homestudy process depends, primarily, on you.  Our social workers are able to meet with you as soon as your documents are received in our office.  Once your meetings have been completed your report will be written, and available for your review, within 10 days.


What about Post Adoption?

Each country will require a different amount of post adoption visits/reports. Please check with your primary adoption provider for the number and time frame necessary for your post adoption.  If the country you are adopting from does not require post adoption, Angels' Haven will require two visits at three and six months after arriving home with your child or children.  Post adoption fees are $375 per report.