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Testimonial 1

Dear Angels' Haven Staff,

My wife and I deeply appreciate the courtesy and professional service your organization gave to us during the adoption of our son "Nicholas" from Russia.

We were deeply impressed with Angels' Haven employees understanding all procedures and guidelines for adopting in Russia. Each staff member made sure they were always available to answer our questions and insure that the adoption was handled smoothly.

Several of the orphanage and court officials in Russia continuously commented on how they enjoyed working with Angels' Haven and how efficient Angels' Haven had been in previous adoptions.

We will definitely recommend Angels' Haven to anyone we hear of that is interested in adoption. I wish that there were more agencies like yours that really care about the feelings and anxiety that the adopting parents go through during the adoption process. Your office was terrific!!!!

Please use us as a reference and feel free to post this letter of gratitude to show your now potential adopting parents the excellency of your agency.

Forever grateful, Kenneth Granger
Very satisfied adoptive parent

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Testimonial 2

Greetings to all perspective adoptive parents!! We are David and gloria Stickler from northern Illinois. We are presently working on our 11th,12th, and 13th adoptions. We have adopted both domestically and internationally. Older special needs children are our most favorite to adopt. These wonderful children have inspired us, challenged us, and blessed us beyond our wildest dreams and expectations. Our family is a rainbow of skin colors, eye colors, and hair colors. We have many races, ethnic backgrounds, and nationalities represented in our rainbow family. Of all our adoptive experiences and agencies, Angels Haven Outreach and Sherry Archer have provided the most knowledgeable, smoothest adoptions of all. Sherry places a very personal, hands-on expertise that is priceless. She answered my many trillions of questions and attended to even the tiniest detail with so much patience. Every single detail was thoroughly taken care of from the moment we landed in Russia until we departed again for the U.S.A. Even our care in Russia was totally done step by step with professional thoroughness, yet with love and compassion. We are forever grateful to Angels Haven Outreach for our tiny, petite, fully energized dynamo-daughter from southern Russia!!

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Testimonial 3


We wanted to take this opportunity to inform others who wish to realize their dream of parenting by informing them of the benefits of choosing Angel's Haven Outreach and more specifically, a selecting child from Romania.

When we first decided to adopt a child, we chose Angel's Haven Outreach (AHO) for several reasons. For Example, their prompt reply to questions we had concerning the process of adopting and their confidence in being able to turn our dream into reality. After the initial "interview" and subsequently after we were accepted as prospective parents, the work of completing our dossier began. We were always kept informed by Janice or Sherry of any changes or additional paperwork that might need to be completed. Once all the paperwork was completed, we began the "hurry and wait" stage.

As time went on and we waited for word of who our child would be, we had the normal angst of a couple that had tried every possible way to have a child and had been unsuccessful. We wondered aloud most every evening whether our unknown child would ever be identified to us. Finally, after only 6 weeks of sending our completed dossier to Romania, we got the call from Janice that a child had been identified for us. Pictures were scanned and sent via the Internet and the moment we had been waiting for had arrived. As we saw our baby, our little miracle, we knew immediately that she was perfect in every way and even though we had only 48 hours to decide if she was what we were looking for, we knew in 10 seconds that she was without a doubt the one.

After spreading the joyous news to our anxious relatives and friends, we started to prepare everything on the home front for the imminent arrival of our little princess. We would talk to Janice (hopefully we weren't bugging her!!) about the baby and asked 20 questions on everything from her eye color to what her biological parents looked like to what she was eating on a daily basis. With the kindness and patience that was born to her, Janice answered all of our questions and if she couldn't answer one right away, within 24 hours (mostly less than that) she would have an answer. We learned early on that the questions we were asking were normal for a couple adopting a baby. We were curious about what type of family it was that she came from. Did she have any brothers or sisters? Could we see photos of her biological parents? Did she have 10 toes? Our main concern was our baby's health. Since she was in an excellent foster home, she was well fed, loved and cared for by a kind family. We had questions regarding her parent's background and all these questions were answered. We received a complete profile of the baby and what was known about her biological parents. Any health questions we had were addressed in that profile. Complete, to the point answers were given to any question we presented and our daughter was in perfect health and doing awesome.

2 weeks after we got the green light, a video of our daughter came in the mail. We watched in awe at this miracle that was now only a short time away of being ours in our own home. We had done it!! Now, if the time would just hurry up and pass until our date to pick her up would get here!!!

Finally, it was time to go and get our princess. Everything on the home front was in place and we were packed and ready to fly. We left July 2nd, 1999 destination: Satu Mare. When we arrived in Bucharest, we were met by a team of super folks (Costel, Anya, and George) who took care of us until we were safely on the train that would take us to where our daughter was in Satu Mare. A long train ride through the night made it a little easier to try to get some needed sleep, but the excitement of being less than 12 hours away from the dream becoming a reality proved more powerful than Mr. Sandman. When we arrived in Satu Mare the morning of July 4th, 1999, we were met by Claudia, Ildy, Mia and her husband. We went to the center and had a great brunch and given some time to freshen up before we went to pick our baby up. Finally, it was time. We left the center and went to the home where our daughter was being lovingly cared for and we will never forget what MIA (our daughter's case worker) said to us…"Take a deep breath and get a hold on your emotions…you are about to see a miracle." We were already so emotional and happy about this moment finally being here, that it was all we could do to hold it together. When we arrived at the home where our daughter was being lovingly cared for, thank goodness she was napping and we were able to look at her sleeping peacefully and just allow the emotions of the last 10 months go. We were so overjoyed at this true miracle and we had loved her for months, but nothing can describe the feeling of love we experienced when she woke up and we held her in our arms. We truly loved her with every ounce of our being and could not have loved her anymore if we had created her ourselves. It was THE most important day of our lives and we felt so lucky and blessed to have her.

We have been back from Romania for 6 months now and everyday is a joyful new experience with Willow. Not only have we learned so much from her, it has brought Chad and I closer together and allowed the three of us to form a real united family.

In closing, to anyone who is thinking about adopting, we encourage you to choose Angel's Haven Outreach to secure your dream of parenting. Willow is a perfect baby who has had no physical, psychological or developmental problems. She is the perfect child we were told she was.

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Testimonial 4

We adopted our 2 year old son in July 1998 from Russia. The staff at Angels Haven were very patient and helpful during the process. During our stay in Russia we received the best of care. We were met at the airport and someone literally "held our hand" during our entire stay. We were pleasantly surprised when our trip cost less than the estimated cost. We would give Angels Haven an A+ rating. They also helped us after we returned home with our beautiful son, Sergei. Sergei is adjusting well into his new home and is the most precious gift that we have ever received.

Mike, Donna and Sergei

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Testimonial 5

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the blessing my daughter is. She is an absolute joy. Not only is Katie a beautiful child, she is also extremely healthy. There is so much more I could tell you, but most importantly she is healthy, happy and loved! I will be eternally grateful for having been blessed with my beautiful child. Finally, thank you once again form making the adoption experience so special. Also, Please pass along my appreciation along to everyone in Romania for making the experience enjoyable and memorable.

Sincerely, Katie's mom

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Testimonial 6

I wish there was some way to let the people at the orphanage know how very much we appreciate the things they tried to teach our children. They are helpful and eager to learn things and those are values that do not come in classroom. That comes from the people who cared for them. Manners, accepting authority and being flexible with new things only comes when they see it in the adults who take care of them. I saw it in the faces of the teachers and the directors when we were there and I see it in the faces of these children almost everyday. They are so proud when they make a complete sentence and when people understand what they say. If I had this to do over again, I would in a second. Thank you for your patience with me during the times I was disorganized and fearful. You have changed so many lives by helping us to bring these two beautiful children into our world and the changes are just beginning. On the days when you want to pull your hair out and the nights that you are too tired to sleep, I pray that God will give you assurance that this is a journey worth taking. I am writing a book and this will be the title. A Journey Worth Taking. I am collecting stories of families who have chosen and who want to seek this path. The proceeds will be used as a scholarship to help people adopt. Any families who would be willing to share their story would be greatly appreciated. I hope to have it to press in a few months. I have a publisher who is waiting for my outline. Let me know if you can help.

Best Regards, Brenda

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Testimonial 7

The Adoption process can be a trying experience, requiring a good degree of patience, perseverance, funding and faith. After an unsuccessful experience with an agency offering a new international adoption program (which we understand was later dropped), we discovered a little boy from Romania on the Angel's Haven website. With a phone call to Angel's Haven our luck changed, and with kind and professional guidance from the Angel's Haven staff we embarked on a journey that culminated in the arrival of our new son on February 5, 1999. We plan to celebrate "Gotcha day" on February 5, 2000 with a trip to Disney World and a care package to Alex's orphanage. Our first year with Alex has been a blessing. He is healthy, loving, active, and quite smart! We believe that our adoption of this child was meant to be, and count our blessings every day. Thank you Angel's Haven for helping us realize our dream.

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Testimonial 8

My name is Missy Collins I am now the proud mother of an 8-month-old baby girl from Vietnam. My husband and I decide to adopt after finding out our three-year-old son was diagnosed as being autistic. We loved him very much but did not want to take a chance of another child to be stricken with the disease. We loves children and had planned on having a house full. We decided to adopt before Christmas 1998. After Christmas we did a lot of research and attended several adoption meeting trying to decide where we wanted to adopt. In February 99 we attended a local adoption fair where we chose an agency to do our home study. In April 99 our home study was complete and we forwarded a copy to Angels Haven and decided we wanted to go with the Vietnam program. We were very interested in the China program but we were not eligible because we were both to young.(The first time I had been too young for something in my whole life)

I was a very glad things turned out that way, we could not have been more happy with this program. On June 7th just two days after our 6th wedding anniversary Melissa from Angels Haven called and said she had a referral for us. This was very surprising to us that this was so quick because we were told in April with the submission of our home study that it could be six months before we would have a referral. We were overjoyed! We called everyone we could think of and just two days later a FedEx delivery man would hand me a envelope that would change my life forever.

A newborn picture of our baby girl who was born on May 20th 1999 just ten days before my 28th birthday. We were so proud of her I carried the picture with me everywhere and Gary framed his to put on his desk at work. Now comes the hard part we wait. Wait until the rest of the paperwork can be processed and on August 26th 1999 Janice would call me at work to tell me I would be leaving on Monday morning August 31st for HCMC Vietnam. I was scared but so excited I could hardly contain myself.

We arrived in HCMC three US days later and was a little overwhelmed by the crowds of people but after a trip to the hotel and a shower we were ready to take on the world. My little sister went with me since me and my husband decided for our sons sake if anything should happen one of us should stay but he was jealous he wanted to go. The very next morning we left on a plane for Hanoi the providence our daughter was born. This is the capital of Vietnam. What a great place. I am not at all the world traveler and had night mares for months about plane crashes, etc.. And I would go back any day to this place. The shopping, the kind people, the scenery, the factories, etc.... Nothing but a pleasant experience.

We stayed in Hanoi for about 10 days until all the paperwork was processed. Then we flew back to HCMC to put the icing on the cake. We stayed in HCMC for about 3-4 days before returning to the US. Our daughter is a gift from god she is everything we could have dreamed of. Her brother and her are inseparable. They need each other so much. If my husband heard me say this I would be in big trouble but I’m already ready for another one. She is daddy's girl and I can’t imagine life with out her.

Thank you Angels Haven for giving me this blessed child we love more than anything. If you are interested in Vietnam adoption and would like to contact us feel free to e-mail us @  or by phone @ (502) 477-1096 we would be glad to hear from you.

The Collins Family - Gary, Missy, Clayton, and Emma Ha

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Testimonial 9

In November of 1998, my husband and I brought home two little boys from Bulgaria to Tennessee thanks to the nice ladies at Angels' Haven. They offered us professional services all the way through the adoption process. All of our questions were answered in a caring, timely manner. Our fears and the emotional roller coaster ride we experienced during the adoption was addressed. We felt Angels' Haven's loving arm around us even though it was offered from across the country. The Angels' Haven Bulgaria team was knowledgeable, sensitive and professional. Everything possible was done to put the new parents at ease and to make the trip as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Thank you Angels' Haven-- we are enjoying our two little fellows immensely.

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Testimonial 10

Hello Sherry,

We had a great trip to Romania. The weather had let up and only had snow for a day or two. The Best Western Hotel was fine good heater in the room and lot of hot water, we also had a refrigerator.

Mihai is PERFECT, he is great. The trip back was hard for him on the flight from Holland to the states it took 9.5 hours on the plane, the first two he was upset but then went to sleep in his seat and did not wake up till we landed.

Mihai is a bottomless pit when it comes to food, bottle when he gets up + jar food. Then cookies. Plays with toys and then it is naptime about 10am to 12. has a second bottle and more jar food (likes Mac-N-Cheese) goes for a ride in the stroller and plays with mom and toys then naptime from 2pm till around 5pm. Third bottle and a big jar of food, few cookies and plays with Dad from 7pm till 8pm. Then to bed for the night and sleeps straight through till 5am.

He is a wonderful Boy.

Thank you for your help and I will keep you updated.

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Testimonial 11

Hi Sherry,

I just wanted to thank you again for bringing Demitry into our lives. He is a joy. His sweet spirit constantly reminds me of how blessed we are. I am attaching a recent picture. He is growing like a weed! He has grown more than 5" in height and more than doubled his weight since we brought him home to America. Thanks again for helping God to bring him into our lives.

Sincerely, Demitry's mom and dad!

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Testimonial 12

On an afternoon in October, 1999, I was fantasizing about having a daughter.  I am a single professional woman with two beautiful sons and I always wanted to add a little girl to our family.  I did a search on the internet and came across a photolisting of available children on the Rainbow Kids web site and 3 year old Anastasia from Vladmir, Russia immediately caught my attention and captured my heart.  Angels' Haven Outreach was listed as the representing adoption agency and I quickly called them to obtain more information.  I promptly received a video tape and medical report and filed my initial application on October 18, 1999.  On February 19, 2000 only four months later, following a short, 7 day stay in Russia, Anastasia and I were boarding a plane in Moscow and were headed back to the United States.  On February 14, 2000, Valentines Day, following a brief court hearing in Vladimir, Anastasia became my legal daughter, and a dream that I only half believed would become a reality had come true.

I have many close friends who have adopted domestically and internationally and none experienced the same ease, expertise and satisfaction with the adoption process that I did.  I am confident that my experience was so extraordinary because of the competence, caring and commitment, of the staff at Angels' Haven Outreach.

The international adoption experience by its very nature is fraught with uncertainty, mountains of paperwork and emotional highs and lows.  The staff at Angels' Haven were always available by phone or email and guided me through the adoption process step by step.  Once I arrived in Russia, I was assisted by facilitators, hosts and translators and taken care of with such warmth and hospitality that I will always look back on the visit with a deep sense of love and gratitude.  In addition, the costs involved in the adoption were less than many of my friends had paid and the tangible services provided, not to mention the intangible ones received seemed to be far greater.

I could go on and on but will be brief in an effort to make my point as clear as possible.  Anastasia is a happy and thriving member of our family.  The experience, caring and commitment of the staff at Angels' Haven outreach made my lifelong dream a reality; simultaneously gave Anastasia a loving home, gave my sons a sister, my parents a other words their work produced wonderful and permanent changes in the lives of countless individuals.  They turned a potentially anxiety ridden experience into an experience of a lifetime, filled with love, joy and hope.  I am forever grateful to them.

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Testimonial 13


Hope all is well. We want to thank you for all your assistance with our adoptions. Bob and I and the kids - Katya, Sasha and Tanya are doing well! We are the some of the world's proudest and luckiest parents! The kids are so wonderful. Great in school and extracurricular projects - lots of friends - love their new relatives and great with the dogs "Otis" and "Dino."

Katya is taking both flute and gymnastics and already has a great group of friends. She loves sleep overs, trips to the zoo, rollerblading, swimming at the club and playing on with the neighbors!

Sasha has turned out to have quite the talent for puzzles, lego and projects. We suspect he could be the family's first engineer. He is doing great in 2nd grade and loves to bike, go to gymnastics and eagerly awaits piano lessons.

Tanya just turned five and had three birthday parties. She loves American girls, connect the dots and computers! She is speaking well and loves to read books to me!

The trip to Russia was wonderful. You and your staff and associates did an incredible job - you are all terrific. We will never be able to repay your staff for their support, follow through, encouragement or care - however we think of them often and believe they are the best people on this earth today! They made the trip so memorable. Our stay was flawless and we have nothing but great things to say about them all and you. Please send our hellos and thanks!

Well, being a mom of three has meant tons of love and laundry. It has kept me busy and extremely happy. We are planning trips to the Wisconsin Dellsand Florida (to see Mickey.) The kids have been tremendous. Thank you and thank god for enabling us to find and build our family.

Regards, Kathleen and Bob

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Testimonial 14

My husband Paul and I have used Angels' Haven Outreach Agency for the adoption of our youngest two daughters, Vera and Irina. We highly recommend them as an adoption agency. Their thoroughly professional attitude was evident throughout the entire process. Their compassion and willingness to listen to our concerns was especially appreciated. Our telephone calls were returned within 24 hours. The staff was always courteous and attempted to answer our questions.

Because our daughters had two different fathers, the paperwork was more involved and we needed to make two separate trips to Russia to get them. Our first trip was in January 1999. It went better than expected. We were able to come home four days earlier than expected. Angels' Haven guided us step by step.

We started the process in late September 1998 and had Irina by late January 1999. Vera was free and clear for adoption in June 1999, so in late June we went back to get her. Again, all went very well. All the people involved were very professional and cared for the welfare of our children. All our questions were answered. We were well taken care of in Russia by everyone involved with the adoptions.

As for our children, Vera (14) and Irina (12), they are the true winners here. Both have made tremendous progress. Irina, who has been here about 14 months, is in the 6th grade and reading at the 4th grade level. This is outstanding for someone who didn’t speak English when she came. She continues to grow and learn and most importantly, she is happy.

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Testimonial 15

Dear Angels' Haven,

The adoption has gone great! Olya and Ed are happy, healthy, beautiful, and loving children. Our time in Russia was fantastic. We were totally taken care of and all the people that we came in contact with were great. We bonded immediately with the children and they bonded immediately with each other. We are truly a family already.The children started school almost immediately and are doing great.

Thanks for everything - you were great as were all the people we dealt with at Angels Haven.


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Testimonial 16

I just wanted to tell you that I was home safe and sound. My trip was great, everything went perfect! I can not say enough GOOD about the staff in Moldavia. I have traveled a lot in my life when I was a flight attendant, and I really felt that Chisinau was much safer than many American cities. No I wasn't stupid and didn't go out by myself at night, but it was a beautiful city, the food was great, and you can buy pretty much anything there that you can buy here.

I am completely convinced my experience was better than many others who have traveled to adopt in Moldavia because of the wonderful care Tatyana and Alexander (the staff) gave me. It made my trip absolutely fantastic and very enjoyable. Tatyana took me everywhere with "Pop" (her father) driving us all over the city and walking the parks, going shopping. I had the opportunity to go all over the city, see everything because of them. Whatever you can do to keep Tatyana as a "team member" do, she and Alexander are absolutely darling, precious and sweet people. They are both very very intelligent, speak fair to good English, and have hearts of gold.

I have no doubt that you should have the best Moldovan program of any agency in the country with the care you guys provide here and with their assistance there. I loved Pop the driver, he drove well, and I never was scared of his driving even though most drivers drove rather insane, but still better than the Autobahn in Germany or New York City drivers...

Okay for the really important stuff: 
My daughter was precious. If I had the tiniest (and it is a tiny) suggestion, it would be to hire a translator for the visit with the orphanage director and doctor. There was much they were saying that Alexander just didn't know how to explain to me. I think he was trying to say vaccinations, etc, but it was lost on him trying to explain that. His English is very adequate for everything except the interaction with the doctor..

The orphanage was painstakingly clean, spotless, didn't smell, and was bright and cheerful. I counted at least 4 to 6 women going in and out of the baby room, and there were less than 20 infants total between the two rooms. The children were well cared for, interacted for the most part, and were happy. With the exception of only one child, I saw no rocking behavior. The care givers love these kids and it shows.

Alexander is a sweetheart and would sit and goo to the babies. Tatyana is a one in a million asset to you guys, she is divine, and is beyond precious. My apartment belonged to Tatyana, it was very clean, very nice, and comfortable. It was chilly, and if there was heat, I didn't know how to work it. However, I was prepared and had long johns and heavy pajamas and I was completely and totally comfortable. I loved her apartment, it was nice but I never ever ventured out the door without Alexander and Tatyana with me.

I made a video, not very long but will show you a lot. I'll copy it and as soon as my pictures come back I will forward you a set.

Court was easy and I will try and write down each and every question I was asked. I brought back a blank Custom form as when I arrived in Moldavia they did not have ANY English forms and I had to fill out a Russian form. I kept begging some customs fellow and he brought me back a form in English that some American had already filled out and I used it as my basis to fill in the Russian form. I do have a blank form I can copy that you can give to future clients to take with them in case they meet the same problem. It is hard to fill out a form in a language you don't know..LOL!

I simply can not say enough wonderful things about Moldavia, the people, the city, the orphanage and mainly the truly wonderful Alexander, Tatyana and Pop who made my stay the wonderful experience it was. Please let me know any questions you may have. I'll call you tomorrow when I get some sleep. From when I took off on Air Moldavia till touch down in Dallas I was traveling 22 1/2 hours... Oh, and by the way, Air Moldavia is a very fine airline and no one should be afraid of using it. It flies directly from Frankfurt to Chisinau...

Thanking you all for all your hard work to make everything go so well for me,


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Testimonial 17

Hello! This year your Holiday card comes from the our Family Liz, Marina, and George (Sergei). We adopted each other in Vladimir, Russia on December 13th. They are exceptional children bright, friendly, affectionate, and very handsome. I am only quoting other people!

My niece, Amanda, traveled with me to Russia (her first trip out of the country). Going through customs and immigration, getting local transportation, dealing with a foreign language, and converting the currency is old hat for me. All I had to deal with was the frightening prospect of meeting the kids and taking them home with me a lifelong commitment with total strangers. Although I had been prepared by the social workers here to expect the worst, I was hoping for a positive outcome. George and Marina have turned out to be the best kids I could have ever asked for! We became a family within the first hour together.

We left for Russia on Saturday, December 9. On Monday, the 11th, I went to the orphanage and picked up the kids. Wednesday, we went to court for the adoption (the prosecutor, the adoption center representative, the orphanage social worker, the translator, Marian, George, and I all had to testify before the judge. He then looked over all the documents, waived the usual 10-day waiting period, and approved the adoption. Quite a stressful event.

On Friday, the four of us went to Moscow to get visas at the U.S. Embassy passport pictures, medical exams, official interviews, and finally all the paperwork for U.S. immigration in New York. We then spent Saturday in downtown Moscow enjoying the sights in spite of the cold. Saw St. Basil Cathedral and the outside of Lenin’s tomb in Red Square (part of the Kremlin), and then went to Gorky Park (small amusement park opened even in the winter).

In Vladimir and again in Moscow we stayed with Russian families. Awkward for everyone at first (they are very poor and shy), but soon we were all quite cozy and comfortable. From having traveled all over the world the last two years, I have seen that people are more alike than different. These two families proved this again to be true.

Marina was born March 12, 1990 and George on May 26, 1991. They are very close to each other. When their parents died 5 years ago, their grandmother (who lives on 110 rubles a month - $4), had to place them in the orphanage. Finally, last April she allowed them to be adopted. A very, very hard decision, knowing how sweet the kids are. I met her at the orphanage, and she felt good about her grandchildren joining our family. In 2 years, I plan to go back for a visit to keep the Russian connection for all of us.

The only problem we're having is the language difficulties. I took some Russian classes (which helps tremendously) and the kids are slowly learning some English. But when they get frustrated, it is hard on all of us. I am told that this will take about 3 months. Until then, each day gets a little better.

Thanks to all of you for your well wishes and help. I hope to have you meet Marina and George soon even in Russian you can enjoy them!

Happy New Year to all of you and your families!

Liz, Marina, and George

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Testimonial 18

Brian and I never properly thanked all of you for your help in getting Joshua and Sarah to us. Our one year anniversary was on December 23rd. We celebrated by taking them to Oglebay Park for dinner at the lodge and then a drive through the festival of lights. Oglebay supposedly has the largest Christmas light display in the country.

Things are going very well and we feel so blessed having them with us. They are such a delight and we can't imagine life without them. They are both bright, intelligent, loving and beautiful children and are loved by everyone who meets them.

Our lives have changed dramatically and even though they have been a lot of work it has all been worthwhile. We wouldn't change one minute of the past year and are looking forward to the future.

Joshua says he wants to be an airline pilot when he grows up (he has been saying this since he learned to speak English) and Sarah says she wants to be a princess and live with mommy and daddy forever because kissing boys is yucky. Only mommies and daddies are supposed to kiss.

I guess I have taken up enough of your time so I'll let you go. Take care and if it's OK I will send you little updates and pictures every once in a while.

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