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Completed Families

Founder and Director Sherry Archer and family

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3 beautiful sisters completed this, gorgeous family in Georgia ~ Russia

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This beautiful little boy celebrates his 3rd birthday with his new family in Florida.~ Romania

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3 new additions to this Connecticut home and 1 more on the way!  ~ Vietnam

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Having fun in his new home in New Jersey 
~ Russia

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Dad and little brother show-off their 2 new additions in California  ~ Russia

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This cutie pie at home in Georgia  ~ Russia

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This little sweetheart is now home with a wonderful family in TX.  ~ Romania

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Boy, this dad has a handful!  Our little one joined this house full of beautiful women in New York and they have another sister on the way.  ~ Russia

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This shiny face brings joy to mom and dad in Illinois  ~ Russia

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Now a precious family of 3 in Southern California  ~ Russia

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A happy "Welcome Home" for this little guy in Houston, TX  ~ Russia

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A sweet hug for her sweet new sister in Minnesota  ~ Romania

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This new dad is thrilled to bring home their new daughter to the rest of the family in Florida 
~ Vietnam

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A happy "welcome home" for three new additions to this Minnesota family!  ~ Ethiopia

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Mommy, from Michigan, meeting her daughter for the first time.  ~ Romania

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Wow! Can you tell which of these adorable kids is adopted?  (The baby) To a family in Florida. 
~ Russia

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These three siblings are now a part of a very large, loving, family in Arizona.  ~ Russia

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It's hard to believe these handsome "All American" looking boys were in an orphanage just a few months ago.  They are now at home in TN.  
~ Bulgaria

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This big brother in NJ, is clearly "pleased as punch" to have a little brother!  ~ Russia

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This darling family in WI, added one more!  Just for fun :)  ~ Romania

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Mom and Dad bringing 2 new daughters home to MN.  ~ Russia

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This beautiful young lady is now home with her new forever family in GA.  ~ Russia

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We refer to this little boy as our "miracle adoption" and it is so wonderful to see him home and with his family in CO.  ~ Vietnam

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3 lovely girls were added to complete this family.  Dad says he's the luckiest one of all!  ~ Russia

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Her loving family in Florida, certainly agrees with this beautiful little girl.  Look at her sparkle!  ~ Vietnam

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These cute little twins are finally home and happy with their darling family in Florida.  ~ Russia

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Proud mom and dad in NJ of these darling twin boys!  ~ Romania

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Mom and Dad in North Carolina say "life is GREAT!" with their new baby.  ~ Romania

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This little girl held the heart of our entire staff.  What a blessing to see her blossom under the tender love of her new family in North Carolina.   ~ Vietnam

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3 lovely new daughters (ages 6-15) to a family in TN.  ~ Russia - Bulgaria

matthew.jpg (3396 bytes)
Dad (in NJ) is having fun at an outing with his new son.  Mom and dad are still waiting for a pair of siblings to arrive shortly.  ~ Vietnam

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A sweet big sister in GA, helps care for her new baby sister.   ~ China

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This happy little babe now has even happier parents in IA.  ~ Russia

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This darling princess is now home with her new family in NJ.   ~ Russia

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This precious bundle of joy is home now with mommy (daddy too, just not in photo) in New York.  ~ Russia

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This happy family in FL reports: "He is our joy!!  Thanks for helping us to become a family." 
~ Russia

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Mommy from KY holding her darling baby girl.
~ Vietnam

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This Handsome boy is happily playing
with 2 of his sisters in WI.
~ Bulgaria

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This little sweetheart is now with her forever family in WI ~ Romania

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This family in PA enjoys the baptism of their new daughter. ~ Bulgaria

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This beautiful princess is now home in NJ, enjoying her family kitty. ~ Russia

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Here is a man with a "quiver full" for sure!  One more blessing was added for this family in MD. (The pretty brunette in the center) ~ Bulgaria

zfam.jpg (3182 bytes)
A beautiful sister for these two happy brothers in PA. ~ Bulgaria

blofam.jpg (11256 bytes)
These darling sisters in MN finally have the baby brother they have been asking mom and dad for.
~ Russia

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This 2 and 5 year old brother and sister have a new baby brother and loving family in NJ. ~ Romania

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3 new little ones added to this already busy family in TX. ~ Russia

mfam.jpg (7440 bytes)
This oh so happy family in GA added a sibling set of 4! ~ Russia

kfam.jpg (6290 bytes)
What a happy grin on this fellow from WI.  He now has a new brother (who has a happy grin too!)
~ Vietnam

btfam.jpg (7531 bytes)
This brother in MI now has a new brother and sister.  Can you tell which is adopted and which is birth?!  All of them darling!! ~ Russia

grfam.jpg (3728 bytes)
This darling little guy is with his happy family in GA.
~ Russia

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What joy for both mom and daughter!  These two beautiful girls are in MI ~ Romania

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Happy to be at home in PA! ~ Russia

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This darling little boy is ready to play in the rain!  He is happy and adjusting well with his new mommy and daddy in CA ~ Bulgaria

chfam.jpg (4258 bytes)
This darling, darling baby boy is happy, happy in his new family in FL ~ Romania

pasfam.jpg (5385 bytes)
A happy reunion for this family in CT.  The newcomer center stage (in white) ~ Russia

morfam.jpg (8842 bytes)
A big "hi" from this sweetie who is now home in CA   ~ Russia

hafam.jpg (6949 bytes)
Daddy and son, home at last in Nebraska
~ Bulgaria

Betfam1.jpg (8822 bytes)
A new mommy with her darling baby girl in CA.
~ Romania

One Year Later!

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Coming in from the snow, this precious little doll is home now in NH ~ China

lucfam.jpg (4243 bytes)
Mom and dad from Colorado are "thrilled" with their new daughter! ~ Russia

Family in Suzdahl.jpg (8529 bytes)
A darling family in Illinois united through adoption
~ Russia

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This darling duo is happy with their family in Southern California ~ Russia

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These twins are double the fun for their new family in AZ ~ Russia

A big hug for his new grandpa.  This sweet little boy is now home in CA ~ Russia

This cutie pie celebrates her first birthday with her family in Oregon ~ Vietnam

This gorgeous baby doll is home and happy with her new family in Ohio ~ Bulgaria

This darling little guy is thriving in his new family in California ~ Romania

Beautiful and happy!  This baby girl is home with her loving family in Indiana ~ Vietnam

A family by the heart in love, from NC ~ Russia

A gorgeous baby daughter for a delighted family in TN ~ Vietnam

Each of these darling girls now has a new sister.  Their joy is obvious!  PA ~ Russia

This darling family in New Mexico has added a baby brother ~ Russia

A single mom in Ohio now has a son and daughter to complete their happy home ~ Russia

This beautiful family in New York has now expanded by one more beautiful daughter. ~ Vietnam

This handsome young man in NY has a beautiful new baby brother ~ Russia

This handsome young man is enjoying Santa with his new family in WV. ~ Romania

This darling family in IN is rejoicing that their new daughter has come home. ~ Bulgaria

Happy mom and dad with their oh soooo happy daughter in MO. ~ Bulgaria

What a darling mother and daughter!  Together at last in Southern California.

Two more beautiful daughters were added to this blessed family in VA ~ Kazakhstan

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