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The babies in these photos have all happily found their new adoptive parents.  However, everyday more of these precious little infants and toddlers come into care.  They too, deserve a loving family of their own. No one can dispute that with the popularity of photo listing “waiting children” on the Internet, many many children that would have otherwise had little or no hope of a future, now enjoy loving adoptive families!

Most foreign officials, however, refuse to allow their healthy, young babies to be shown on the Internet. They feel that by photo listing these little ones, some perspective parents might be tempted to  “shop” for a child.

Prospective adoptive parents desiring to adopt an infant or toddler should apply with Angels’ Haven (specifying the age, sex, race and health description you are open to). You will then complete the documents required by the foreign country and once submitted, a child, matching your description, will be referred.  Most Eastern European countries will supply a photo, medical/social and a video of the child.  You will be given the opportunity to decide to take this child, or wait for another referral.

Babies are currently waiting in Russia, Romania, Moldavia and Vietnam with little or no wait for a referral. Beautiful babies are available in China as well, but families may wait as long as 9 months for a referral. Newborns coming from a foreign country are typically going to be at least 6 to 12 months old by the time they come home.

The most important thing to consider is what age, sex, race, etc. child you think you can best parent.  Every program has its pros and cons:

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Infants in Russia are always in an institutional setting, and families should expect the developmental delays associated with this.  Additionally, the medical data from Russia can appear very negative, even when the baby is nice and healthy.  Both parents are required to travel and be present for the court hearing, but you will have an opportunity to see your baby before the adoption takes place.  The process in Russia too, is quite fast.

Madeline.jpg (4893 bytes)In Romania babies are typically in very small private centers, or foster care.   This service is a little more expensive, but these babies do not usually suffer from any of the issues related to an orphanage.   Also, the medical/social information is as accurate as it can be (taking into account this is a third world country). Most often, adoptive parents do not have to travel, and the child may be escorted.  Usually, the adoption takes place prior to the adoptive parent seeing the child, so you will have to rely on the information provided.

baby_5.jpg (2450 bytes)Moldavia is still a new program for us and until we have a few children come home, we are not familiar with all the ins and outs of the procedure. One parent is required to travel and see the child prior to the adoption taking place.  You will have the option of staying for about 3 weeks, or making a second trip.  We are being told however, that babies may be as young as 2 or 3 months old.  Moldavia too, has very flexible age criteria of the adoptive parents.

baby china.jpg (5985 bytes)Families desiring to adopt an infant from China will have to wait longer for a referral for a healthy baby but can expect to travel within a month or two after accepting the child. Statistically, it would appear that there is a very minimal risk of FAS issues, etc. in children from Asia.

baby for Vietnam.jpg (4688 bytes)Babies in Vietnam are currently waiting for families.  We receive very little information on these children (a photo, name and birth date).  Also, every province in Vietnam has its own regulations and procedures, which makes it difficult to give families a clear time frame.  Happily, these babies, like in China,  are typically nice healthy babes.

It is very frustrating to us that there are so many babies who need families, but because they cannot be photo listed, they may wait.   Nevertheless, it is a privilege for Americans to be able to adopt from these countries and we must abide by their desires.  Please contact us! (909) 735-5400 or e-mail

We will happily give you names and phone numbers of other families who have adopted, and are willing to share their experiences, this may also help you decide what country is best for your family.

As we cannot show you waiting babies, we hope you will enjoy these photos of some of the little ones who have come home.  We can’t wait to see your family shown among them!

To see more, Check Out  the completed family page!

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